Advancing omnichannel adoption in companies at a very early stage
The aim was to create an inmersive customer experience for a brand portfolio within a specific pathology and deliver an integrated customer journey
The task was to focus on external performance as well as internal team upskilling, improving process planning and shortening time and costs allotted to marketing content creation
We achieved this through the implementation of a methodology, which is designed to construct effective, visually compelling, efficient and readily executible customer journeys


1.Customer segmentation
-Identifying key attributes that change behaviours
-Defining customer segmentation to boost customer experience creation and implementation
-To summarise customer segments in an understandable and useful manner, we will break down all data available from CRM segmentation and highlight the best possible approach to define the most significant clusters

2.Definition of touchpoint journeys
-Fully understanding marketing plan activities and objectives to draw up a detailed Customer Journey Plan
-Identifying the final channel mix selection in order to find synergies and manage variability.
-We deliver a detailed set with all touchpoints across the customer journey experience that link all elements making up the current action plan.
All ampaigns shall include a common branding denominator that supports the connection of all interactions and the recurrence goal. 

3.Optimisation journeys
-Shortening time spent on campaign delivery and planning
-Avoiding delays and errors when delivering the experience
-Ability to plan according to customer persona

4.Data-driven decision-making process
-Integrating own and third-party information at an organisational and HCP level
-Understanding content performance according to customer segmentation

5.Team upskilling
-Hands-on: supporting global and local teams for them to learn how to work and implement the method in the long term
-Internal governance: New roles are defined within the organisation, a governance board is launched and the time allotted to new tasks is agreed on with HR and the management

6. Execution
-Applying the content factory model to both in-house content creation and external production by agencies

7. Performance
Integrating all activities in a single dashboard, which is customized to all organisational levels


  • Customer Journey Integrated

  • Resource efficiency

  • Digital skills