Pharma industry is currently evolving and field teams are leading this transformation. Studying the operation of these field teams in the field allows you to gain a broad perspective on trends and trends in the field.
We develop a methodology to understand where the organization's field teams are at and be able to build a plan that impacts the business.


A methodology that run strategic analysis how field teams are evolving across companies and geographies including overview of the full strategy of the organization, analysis of the main attributes that drove evolution in organization and skills needed to develop current role for the field profiles.

  • Roadmap for better digital team making decisions

  • Understanding value proposition as a company to be able to align to customer’s need and differentiate from competition.

  • Clear focus on the patient journey and a full understanding of the impact at the level of each stakeholder.

  • Redraw the new horizon of where you want to go as an organization and work on priorities taking into account stakeholder needs: team upskilling, value-based pricing model, internal transformation.